How do I know if I need a new roof?

Typically a roof should be inspected every 2-3 years or anytime there is a major wind/hail storm. There are quite a few signs that you may need a new roof. If your roof has any of the following issues, then chances are you need roof repairs or a new roof installed:

shingles losing granules, shingles curling up on the sides, shingles lifting in the wind/shingles no longer sealed down, shingles showing surface cracking, missing shingles, soft spots or low spots in the plywood decking under the shingles, ventilation or moisture problems in the attic, water leaking into the house in any way.

Often, to the untrained eye, damage isn’t visible. That’s why RoofSmart offers free estimates with no obligation.

And if damage from a wind/hail storm is found, we can help guide you through the insurance claim process. We’ve helped hundreds of Iowans with this process over the years!

How much does a new roof cost?

Several factors go into roofing costs. The brand and style of shingle you choose, the size and steepness of your roof and how many existing layers need to be removed before a new roof can be installed.

While price is a factor, it shouldn’t be the only factor you look at when replacing your roof. Quality of installation and a trusted company are just as important to ensure your roof lasts for years to come. RoofSmart will give you the best service possible and we take pride in your home like it’s our own.

How long will it take to install my new roof?

Generally, RoofSmart’s highly skilled roofing staff works efficiently to complete your new roof in 1-2 days. However, factors such as weather, the size/steepness of your roof and the shingles chosen can all affect how long the installation process may take. Contact RoofSmart for an accurate estimate of how long your installation will take.

Should my gutters be replaced at the same time as my roof?

Typically, if your gutters are in working condition but your roof needs replacement, we can work around your existing gutters so they don’t need to be replaced. That being said, your old gutters may look even older next to your new roof. RoofSmart is a full service exterior company handling roofing, gutters and siding. So we’re happy to give you our professional opinion and provide you a free estimate for standard sized gutters, oversized gutters and gutter toppers—all in a variety of colors.

How long will new vinyl or fiber cement siding (Hardie siding) last?

Both vinyl siding and fiber cement siding were invented as more durable alternatives to natural wood materials. While wood siding is beautiful, it is susceptible to rot, pest damage and sun wear, meaning it needs to be replaced regularly. This is both a headache and a sizable expense.

Whether you are installing vinyl or fiber cement, you can generally expect to never have to install them again — unless you plan on staying in the same house for over 50 years!

James Hardie fiber cement siding offers a 50 year warranty when installed properly. When you choose a “Hardie Certified Installer” like RoofSmart, you can be assured that the installation will be done right!

Additionally, all vinyl siding that RoofSmart offers provides a double-lifetime warranty against color fading, wind, hail and much more. This means you are covered as long as you own the home AND as long as the next owner owns the home.

Is vinyl or fiber cement siding the best value?

In terms of siding value, the deal is in the eye of the beholder.

Vinyl siding is almost always more affordable than fiber cement. In fact, fiber cement generally costs 1.5 to 2 times more than vinyl. You may also want to factor in long-term maintenance costs such as re-painting fiber cement siding or washing down your vinyl siding. Would you do this yourself or hire it out?

The look of vinyl siding is getting more “realistic” all the time. There is much more available than ever before—Including options that mimic the look of real wood shakes and Victorian scallops, vertical board and batten style siding and more. The fact is that most people won’t be able to tell what kind of siding you have from the street (they’ll just know it looks great). While vinyl siding is much better than it ever has been, it still feels like plastic to the touch.

So if you dream of the look and feel of traditional wood siding (and your budget allows), then fiber cement is hard to beat.

Does vinyl or fiber cement siding require more maintenance?

This one is pretty simple. While it requires less maintenance than natural materials, fiber cement does require more maintenance than vinyl.

To begin with, fiber cement needs to be painted immediately after installation. If you are the kind of homeowner who paints their own house, that is a lot of work. Otherwise, you will be paying someone else to do that work.

Fiber cement does also come in pre-painted options that offer a warranty on the paint color. However, the cost of pre-painted siding material is more than the fiber cement standard siding. There can also be delays or issues with getting the pre-painted material quickly since it is usually special-order. You will want to do the math on if this is worthwhile. Either way, fiber cement is generally more involved and/or costly than a vinyl siding installation.

Additionally, painted fiber cement does fade over time, so stay away from deep/dark paint colors and choose high quality paint. While this is not a huge concern — and again less of an issue than if you use traditional wood siding — it does mean that you will need to paint your fiber cement again sometime in the future. But this need to paint again also gives you the freedom to change your house color in the future!

In the case of vinyl siding, you may want to wash down your new siding every year to remove dust and grime, but otherwise it really is maintenance free. No more painting. Ever.

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Replaced 11 Alliance windows, Ordered from Grant of RoofSmart, easy to deal with, no hidden fees, or surprises. During the installation both Grant & the owner Dave showed up to check on the project. The installer, Luke & his assistant did great work, showed great care for our belongs. They put pride into their work and it was appreciated. My wife & I are more than pleased. Would strongly recommend and use them again.

Bob N. | Ankeny